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AAT has been a member of Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) since 2010.

As a local Malaysian aviation related company, AAT has undergone transfer of technology (TOT) process in acquiring knowledge on relevant technology from overseas aviation technology providers supporting the fast growing Malaysian aviation industry. The knowledge on aviation technology acquired especially those related to CNS/ATM has been developed both for operations and support and has become our country’s National Intangible Assets (NIA). For Intangible Transfer of Technology (ITT) to be successful the process must be consistent, progressive and continuous.

MIGHT encourage for the Malaysian aviation industry to continue and sustain its growth. The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is also keen and very much interested in ITT as espoused by MIGHT. Therefore as a member of MIGHT, AAT proposed and recommended for Government to continue supporting Technology Companies like AAT that is focused on certain critical and strategic technologies such as CNS/ATM which is critical in supporting the aviation industry ensuring “air safety”.

Being an aviation technology company, AAT recruited and employed the best qualified technical personnel with the correct attitude and provided them with the best incentives. Ultimately AAT would achieve a “scientific community” with systematic acquisition, research based and solution inspired.

As one of the key members of MIGHT, AAT also received guidelines and advices on new acquisition of NIA especially on types of offset program to be participated focusing on new technology that will benefit the country.