MATSMP System Maintenance

THROUGH direct negotiation, AAT was awarded with the maintenance services contract for the operational system from the government, when the warranty maintenance for the newly commissioned MATSMP radar and ATC system at various sites met its expiry period. This was in fact putting into practice the newly acquired capability for the maintenance and provision of logistics support services to all the operational radar and ATC systems under CAAM. The first Contract, DCA/KONT/PK/9/98 was signed on 31 October 1998 valid from 16 September 1996 to 31December 1997. During the period, AAT was responsible in the maintenance works of 3 Radar and ATC systems which were Subang Interim ATC System, Genting Radar System and Johor Radar System. These three systems were the first systems to have completed their warranty period.

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After the contract ended, few more other new radar systems at several sites had also reached its warranty period. Following to this, AAT received a new two - year maintenance services contract from the government (DCA/KONT/PK/10/98) which was signed on 30 November 1998. The contract valid from 01 January 1998 to 31 December 1999, and aimed to cater the maintenance services for all radar and ATC systems under MATSMP, including the Langkawi Radar / ATC system, which had also completed its warranty period in early January 1998. At the same time, new radar had been installed at the newly completed Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), and was officially in operation on 27 June 1998.

The year 2000 to 2006 only saw AAT receiving only short term contracts, secured through direct negotiations, which ranged from one year to three years contract, in which AAT was responsible in the maintenance works for MATSMP ATC radar and systems. Performing continuous TOT and maintenance works had provided a wealth amount of experience to AAT’s technical personnel who have achieved high degree of skill and competency, besides being able to maintain and support the MATSMP ATC radar and systems with continuous high system availability of 99.95% had met the operational requirements of CAAM and safety guidelines by International Civil

Aviation Organization (ICAO). In 2001, the Miri Radar project was implemented, with the acquisition of a new radar system for Miri Airport that achieved operational status on 24 July 2003. The maintenance of the new Miri PSR/MSSR were incorporated into the MATSMP maintenance services contract as a Supplementary Contract.

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AAT’s excellent track record had earned it 3+2 year maintenance service contract for the MATSMP ATC Radar and System, which was valid from 01 April 2007 to 31 March 2010 and later was subsequently extended to 31 March 2012. During this period, new radars and new surveillance systems were added into the CAAM inventory, to complement and enhance the existing surveillance capability. Kota Bharu Radar/ATC system and Johor Bahru Radar/ATC system were procured and installed through the implementation of the MIP (MATSMP improvement Project). ADS-CPDLC (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Controller Pilot Data Link Communication) was installed at Subang ATCC. In Kuala Terengganu Airport new ATC Tower equipments were installed together with ADS-B ( Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) and WMLAT (Wide Area Multilateration) systems were installed. Following to this, through the Sibu/Tawau project, two more new state of the art radar systems were installed at Sibu and Tawau Airport respectively.

Upon expiry of the MATSMP 3+2 contract on 31 March 2012, AAT was awarded with long-term 5+5 Maintenance Contract valid from 07 August 2012 to 06 August 2017. All the new radar and surveillance systems were incorporated into this new 5+5 maintenancecontract.